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When the Paycheck Stops

Unemployment Survival Checklist

Whether unemployment results from layoff, plant closure, illness, injury or termination, it means a drop in income that can make life difficult and change the way we live. Some of the best strategies, techniques and tools are compiled here. Check them out!

1. Start with Yourself

Talk to your family and keep a positive attitude. Don’t let the “blues” affect your relationships.

2. Where to Go for Help

Find out where to go for help, apply for financial assistance programs, find out if you’re eligible for any programs if you’re injured or disabled and check out these special programs for seniors.

3. Taking Care of Business

Follow this financial action plan.

4. Dealing with Creditors

Try this creditor action plan. See what you should know when the bill collector comes.

5. Keeping a Roof over Your Head

Check out the mortgage action plan and renter’s action plan and look at housing alternatives.

6. Putting Food on the Table

Try some of the tips in this food action plan. Save money by following these basic rules of thumb and find out how to apply for food programs.

7. Managing Utility Payments

Follow this utility action plan, apply for energy assistance programs and find alternative energy sources.

8. Staying Insured

Check out this insurance action plan and consider applying for health insurance and COBRA.

9. Staying Healthy

Find public medical assistance programs, hospitals and doctors and check out this prescription resource list for medications.

10. Getting a Job

Try the job search action plan, find child care and look for employment programs and services.

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