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Shouldn’t National Security, Sustainability and Citizenship Be Highly Relevant to Our Trade Policy?

The article, National Security, Sustainability and Citizenship, from the Solutions Journal ends with the sentence: “The concept of sustainability as a national strategic imperative for the twenty-first century can create a new path forward so that we, as a nation of citizens, can endure and thrive in our own “hour of peril and national opportunity.”

Not surprisingly, it contains no reference to the U.S. trade deficit, since the trade policies in the United States over the past four decades could not have been much further from the spirit of sustainability, if they were orchestrated by America’s enemies.  

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'Mad Men' Party in a 'Modern Family' World Snubs Chris Christie over Medicaid Choice

Highlighted in Nate Silver’s New York Times article, Conservatives’ Love Affair with Christie Is Over, was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie becoming the eighth Republican governor to announce that he will accept Medicaid expansion under the president’s health care law, in spite of Christie’s party’s general opposition to the law.

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Do U.S. Multinationals Have a Duty to Balance America’s Competitiveness with Their Own? Please Vote!

Harry Moser, founder of Reshoring Initiative, is courageously engaged in a debate on The link to the debate follows: Offshoring & Outsourcing: Do Multinational Corporations Have a Duty to Maintain a Strong Presence in Their Home Countries? Moser’s opponent argues that: competitiveness is hardly likely to be undermined by multinational corporations investing abroad.

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Trust Is Situation-Specific, Trusting Romney Is No Exception!

Hugh J. Campbell of the United Steelworkers (USW) sends us "Trust Is Situation-Specific, Trusting Romney Is No Exception!"

Self-proclaimed as Independent and American, Newsmax's article, "Romney’s $2 Billion Sacrifice for America," is a not-so-independent “Hail Mary” shot to convince voters to trust Mitt Romney’s results at Bain Capital to aid our nation to solve its economic problems. Stephen M. R. Covey in his book, “The Speed of Trust,” makes a persuasive case that trust is situation-specific, i.e. don’t trust a dermatologist to perform heart surgery. 

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The Corporate Class War’s Smoking Gun

Hugh J. Campbell of the United Steelworkers (USW) sends us "The Corporate Class War’s Smoking Gun." 

The Powell Memo: A Call-to-Arms for Corporations, the companion article to Moyers & Company’s The One Percent Court, tells how the response to business getting its clock cleaned was the mobilization for political combat. Four decades later, the middle class has had its clock cleaned as a result of the undeclared class war that began in 1971.

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Mitt Romney Takes Hypocrisy to New Heights

Hugh J. Campbell of the United Steelworkers (USW) sends us this blog

In the article "You Built That: How Mitt Romney Shook Down American Taxpayers for His Welfare Olympics," Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele say Mitt Romney’s take-take-take mentality is nothing more than the old-fashioned double standard: If it enhances the standard of living of his cronies, it’s business as usual.

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What Is Romney-Ryan’s Aim?

Photo courtesy of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare:

Hugh J. Campbell of the United Steelworkers sends us this blog

For three decades, attempts to undermine Social Security and Medicare have been considered “touching the third-rail” because the two programs are valued by our middle class and aspiring middle class. But to the financial elite, these safety-net programs have been the bane of their existence.

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