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Peruvian Unions File Complaint for Violation of Labor Rights in U.S.-Peru Trade Agreement

Peruvian Unions File Complaint for Violation of Labor Rights in U.S.-Peru Trade Agreement

Imagine if, for more than a dozen years, you got a piece of paper with each paycheck saying you still had a job next week and should come back to work next Monday. Now imagine your best friend at the same garment factory, after 14 years of service, getting a piece of paper that said she should not come back on Monday. Why? Because she supported the union and therefore no longer has a job. 

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Economics as Religion

General mass of Indignados in Athens Syntagma, Greece (30 June 2011).

Yesterday and today, the world watches, slacked jawed at the endgame of the Greek government’s debt negotiations. The stakes are higher than many Americans understand. So far, the U.S. financial press has viewed this as isolated to the Eurozone. That is in large part because, having endured the Great Recession, there is a view that things are only bad if they threaten the “too big to fail” American banks that can create systemic risks for the U.S. financial sector. But, that view of the world that only bank stability matters is what is so incredulous.

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'Ethnic Cleansing' in the Western Hemisphere: The Impending Deportation Crisis in the Dominican Republic

The deadline has now passed for hundreds of thousands of workers and families in the Dominican Republic to register with the government and they now face the threat of becoming stateless and being deported. There is a long legacy of discrimination against Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic. However, since a September 2013 Supreme Court ruling that revoked the citizenship of those born in the country since 1929 who could not prove their parents’ migration status, they have been facing increasing levels of violence and discrimination and reports indicate that law enforcement authorities have been “cleansing” neighborhoods of so-called undesirable elements—mainly by detaining Dominicans with Haitian features. Now, these workers and families could be deported to the Haitian border, though many may not have any ties to Haiti, speak little or no Creole, and lack eligibility for Haitian citizenship.

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Six Years After Bagua Massacre, Trade Deals Continue to Threaten Worker Rights and the Environment

Six years ago this week, at least 32 people died in Bagua, Peru, during a protest against regulations the government put in place to comply with the recently inked United States-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Government forces opened fire on thousands of indigenous people who had blocked a highway, attempting to prevent extractive companies from taking advantage of new rules that made it easier to exploit the Amazon.

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