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Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits

Last week, millions of unemployed American workers who are currently receiving Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits were notified that on Dec. 29, 2012, these benefits will end. Many of the people receiving this message are union brothers and sisters. These union members depend on these benefits to provide food and housing for their families until they can obtain a new job. They fell on hard times through no fault of their own, now they need our help in getting these benefits extended through 2013.

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This Just In: Strikers Win Long Battle for Justice

Photos of the 2010 Daycon strike by Adam Wright and Chris Garlock.

A report by Metropolitan Washington [D.C.] Council assistant mobilizer Julia Kann of Union City.

It took two-and-a-half years but the Teamsters 639 strike against Daycon is finally over. The Upper Marlboro, Md.-based janitorial and maintenance supply company is calling the last remaining strikers back to work after a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling Tuesday upheld National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rulings in the union’s favor.

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Health Care Matters!

It certainly does, in a variety of different ways. Health care matters from the perspective of affordability, can each and every American afford health care? Health care matters from the perspective of access, does everyone have adequate access to meet their needs? Health care matters from a quality perspective, does every person receive the same quality of health care throughout their lifetime?

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Trust Is Situation-Specific, Trusting Romney Is No Exception!

Hugh J. Campbell of the United Steelworkers (USW) sends us "Trust Is Situation-Specific, Trusting Romney Is No Exception!"

Self-proclaimed as Independent and American, Newsmax's article, "Romney’s $2 Billion Sacrifice for America," is a not-so-independent “Hail Mary” shot to convince voters to trust Mitt Romney’s results at Bain Capital to aid our nation to solve its economic problems. Stephen M. R. Covey in his book, “The Speed of Trust,” makes a persuasive case that trust is situation-specific, i.e. don’t trust a dermatologist to perform heart surgery. 

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War and Election

War is the most important issue Americans should be concerned with in this 2012 election. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost America at least $3 trillion (with a T), almost 7,000 of our sons and daughters lives and ruined our economy. Some economists like Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize recipient for economics, have put the cost trillions higher. 

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Three Generations: From the Fields to Construction to UCLA

The author, Paul Garcia, at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, California.

This is a cross-post from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's CoLab Radio blog by Paul Garcia, a recent University of California, Los Angeles, grad working with the California Construction Academy, a project of the UCLA Labor Center.

This past June, I walked across the stage in front of thousands of students and family members to receive my bachelor’s degree from UCLA. There was a sea of black robes behind and in front of me, and as I set my feet on the stage and saw the crowd, I felt a rush of excitement. With the diploma in my hand, I felt the weightlessness of unlimited opportunity. Yet I knew that I didn’t get here alone. Two generations before me struggled to give me this chance.

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The Corporate Class War’s Smoking Gun

Hugh J. Campbell of the United Steelworkers (USW) sends us "The Corporate Class War’s Smoking Gun." 

The Powell Memo: A Call-to-Arms for Corporations, the companion article to Moyers & Company’s The One Percent Court, tells how the response to business getting its clock cleaned was the mobilization for political combat. Four decades later, the middle class has had its clock cleaned as a result of the undeclared class war that began in 1971.

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Mitt Romney Takes Hypocrisy to New Heights

Hugh J. Campbell of the United Steelworkers (USW) sends us this blog

In the article "You Built That: How Mitt Romney Shook Down American Taxpayers for His Welfare Olympics," Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele say Mitt Romney’s take-take-take mentality is nothing more than the old-fashioned double standard: If it enhances the standard of living of his cronies, it’s business as usual.

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