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Corporate Finance and Governance

Dig in to find out everything from company ownership, financing and executive compensation to where a company has facilities, number of employees and whether it pays or doesn't pay taxes. First, find out if your research subject is a publicly traded company. If it is public, your job is a lot easier because of laws requiring transparency and disclosure for public companies. If not, you can still learn a lot but it will be a lot harder.

  • YahooFinance
    Powerful finance portal containing company profiles, historical stock quotes, institutional ownership, financial data, and much more.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
    The Securities and Exchange Commission's website. Search EDGAR documents (e.g., 10-Ks, proxy statements) and non-EDGAR documents (e.g., no action letters, current rulemaking). These filings tell a lot. Experience will tell you what you want.
  • SEC's EDGAR Database
    Searchable database of SEC EDGAR filings. Company specific e-mail alerts available.
  • Zacks Investment Research
    Online source of analyst research reports and consensus estimates.
  • Vcall
    Vcall offers live and archived streaming audio webcasts of official Investor Relations events, including quarterly earnings conference calls, analyst conferences, annual shareholder meetings, merger announcements, product announcements and press conferences.
    Online database of investment event information including earnings conference calls, guidance calls, brokerage conferences, and analyst meetings.
  • i-Deal Prospectus
    Access to equity, fixed income and municipal offerings.
  • MuniStatements
    Pay-as-you-go database of municipal bond documents including official statements, supplements, escrow documents and G-36 forms.
  • Lexis
    Register with a credit card to search Lexis-Nexis databases including news, legal, public records and financial. Pay for only the materials you view or download.
  • Factiva
    Register with a credit card at Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters company, to do full text searching of newspapers, business journals, analyst reports, and other periodicals. Pay for only the materials you view or download.
  • BRB Publications
    Every U.S. corporation, whether public or private, must be registered in one of the 50 states (unless they've reincorporated in Bermuda or overseas). These filings can usually be obtained from the state's Secretary of State office. They are also available electronically via expensive database services such as Lexis-Nexis. More than a dozen states, however, have begun to make this information available for free on the Internet. Check this index of those resources.
  • Thomas Register
    Thomas Register is an online resource for finding companies and products manufactured in North America.
  • Hoovers
    Company profiles, in-depth financials, full lists of officers, full lists of competitors, products/services/segment data.
  • GMI ESG Research and Ratings
    A central repository for research, study and critical thinking about the nature of the modern global corporation, with a special focus on corporate governance and the relationship between company management, their boards and their shareowners.
    Provides news, internet links, and a small reference library. Corporate Governance serves as a discussion forum and NETwork for stakeholders who believe active participation by shareholders in the governing of corporations will enhance their ability to create wealth.
  • Council of Institutional Investors
    View the policies and shareholder activities of the Council of Institutional Investors, an organization of large public, Taft-Hartley and corporate pension funds.
  • Friends of the Earth
    Friends of the Earth has an online Handbook on Socially Oriented Shareholder Activism.
  • Nelnet
    Nelson's online directory of investment managers includes contact information and assets under management.
  • Thomson Reuters
    Thomson Financial Investment Banking and Capital Markets Group website is the home of the Investext Group, Securities Data Company and CDA/Spectrum. Shareworld is Thompson's premier institutional shareholder database based on 13G and 13F filings.
  • Factset Ownership
    Institutional stock ownership information. Listing of major shareholders, recent transaction information. Compiled from Form 13F information.
  • EdgarPro
    Institutional Holdings Data provides real-time access to equity holdings information filed by over 2000 institutional investors in their quarterly 13F filings.
  • FreeERISA
    Pension and welfare benefit funds most recent form 5500, as filed with the United States Department of Labor. Look up trustee information for ERISA covered plans (including single employer and Taft-Hartley pension funds).
  • Larkspur Data
    Searchable database of pension and welfare benefit fund ERISA filings (form 5500). Allows reverse searches to identify clients of investment managers and consultants.
  • Pensions & Investments
    Pension & Investments magazine website. Subscriber access to the PIPER database of investment manager performance records. Free access to investment manager and pension fund profiles.

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