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Intern Journal Entries

Law Student Union Summer (LSUS) interns share experiences and learn from one another through weekly journal entries posted to a common listserv.

Journal Entry Excerpts from LSUS 2015

“Beyond the [wide mix] of legal work, I attended more pickets than I can count... Most importantly, I helped with the logistics, planning and execution of the second hotel workers strike in Boston’s history, which initiated a city wide discussion on hotel safety. The diversity [of work] was astounding and I experienced a sizable portion of the work of a labor attorney.”
—Zachary Chase, Boston

“I...ha[d] a nice mix of work between hands on legal work, legal research and writing...check-ins with the Wage Justice Center, legal strategy meetings and worker contact. I anticipated it being mostly legal research and writing and was happy to find that I was given access to these various opportunities.”
—Nathalie Meza Contreras, Los Angeles

Journal Entry Excerpts from LSUS 2014

“I began [my last] week [in LSUS] the same way I began my the full [local union] executive board meeting. I can remember how lost I was as I sat there on day one.... Now, not only could I follow along with much of the old and new business, I had participated in much of it. From bargaining to arbitration settlements to drafting unfair labor practice charges, I truly feel blessed to have been able to be part of it.”
—McLean Johnson, Oakland, Calif.

“I had a really excellent mix of work over the course of the summer. As far as organizing, I worked on...[a] campaign...[that] involved investigation of unfair labor practices...attendance at a late-night union meeting...where new members were introduced to [the union], talking frequently with the various workers involved in the campaign and conducting research on the various issues that arose throughout the months leading up to the election.” 
—Joe Landry, New York

“I was really pleased with my placement. I feel like a lot of attention was given to giving me a broad mix of experiences. I got to participate in cases at the level of arbitration, all the way to U.S. district court. I got to brief the staff on various cases that had recently been decided and I even got to write an article of the union newsletter. I got to sit in on meetings with some of our largest employers and I also got to participate in some organizing. I was frequently asked how I felt about the variety of work that I was being given and I felt like I was listened to when I had requests.”
—Skyelar McRae, Vacaville, Calif.

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