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Thank a Worker


Take a minute to recognize the women and men who do the work that keeps America strong. That’s pretty much all of us, whether we’re employed or looking for work. And no matter what we do, our work makes the work of others possible. Teachers depend on electricians. Who count on steelworkers. Who need nurses and engineers. Who rely on researchers and bus drivers and flight attendants. Who depend on taxi and child care workers. Who need autoworkers and traffic cops and firefighters. And so on it goes.

Surprise the people you depend upon every day with these greeting cards recognizing their work. You can send them online or download cards here to print and give out. When you fold them like a card (to a folded size of 5.125" x 7"), they fit right into a standard A7 envelope available at any office supply store.

Download cards:

To print out the cards: If you're printing more than a couple copies of a card, a professional union printer can work with the PDF you download. If you're printing just a few, you can do it on any color copier. Copy the two pages of the PDF you download back to back so they come out as two sides of one piece of paper. Use the crop marks to cut the cards to size. Fold in half like a greeting card and you're ready to thank a worker.

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