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Ever since the overtime provisions were enacted through the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 working people have been protected from excessive work hours and compensated fairly for overtime work. However, these overtime protections have significantly eroded and have never been sufficiently adjusted for inflation. In 1975, 65% of salaried workers were covered by overtime. Today, only 8% of working people qualify for automatic overtime coverage by earning less than $23,660 per year, which is below the poverty line for a family of four.

Every day, millions of working people are working longer hours and still not getting ahead. One big reason is that the federal overtime regulations are outdated. Updating the automatic overtime threshold to $51,168 per year would qualify some 6.1 million people to overtime pay and provide a much-need boost to America’s working people and our nation’s economy. Indexing these provisions to inflation will help avoid these vital protections from eroding in the future.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s proposed regulation increases the overtime salary threshold to $970 per week, or $50,440 per year. In inflation-adjusted terms, this is roughly the same level as 1975 and indexes the threshold going forward.

Tell the Department of Labor you support the proposed overtime regulation which will restore overtime protections for millions of America’s working people.

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