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On the launch of FORWARD BALTIMORE

Tefere Gebre • May 7, 2015 • Baltimore

Over the last couple of weeks here in Baltimore the community suffering and resilience has impacted our people across the country. The death of Freddie Gray has made painfully clear the systematic racism and economic inequalities that plague our country every day. And while we mourn the loss of our fallen brothers and sisters, we must also take action to stop these tragedies from repeating themselves and radically address issues like income inequality, low wage jobs, mass incarceration and underfunded schools. We know the best way to fight injustice is to organize, and we will grow stronger together if we work together and build the power needed to make real change. Courtney Jenkins, a young union member and postal worker from Baltimore who grew up near North and Penn says "Our movement was built to combat oppression." This means taking that anger felt by every young person, every parent, every worker and every family and turning it into power to exercise their rights. When we do that we build power greater than any single politician or political party. We build power to remove suffering for our people and to be able to determine the kind of dignified lives we want to live.

Thank you to the Maryland State AFL-CIO and the A. Philip Randolph Institute Baltimore Chapter and the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists for your commitment to always supporting this community. I am honored to be by your side every step of the way and this work will continue even after the cameras leave. 

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